Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bangkok: Settling In

From the last trips I have figured out that I don't entirely enjoy large cities when traveling, only when living there. Too much to try to figure out in a short time. That said I am looking forward to getting out of Dodge, but as all cities it's growing on me. Had a bit of frusterating day but it all worked out in the end. I saw the reclining budda, an enormous budda in a temple. I think it was 40m long. A huge complex around it. I got a little templed out today but went inside the Grand Palace which was just overwhelming. Everything was so large and so detailed. At a distance the buildings are quite beautiful and up close you see all the ornate detail that can not be seen from a distance. The last photo is a statue within the complex. There are too many photos that only give a glimpse of what is there. The photo on the right are two guys who just finished a chess game. It was a good one, but I bet I could have beaten them. Well, maybe not

Bangkok: Day 1

After a long set of suprisingly good flights I finally arrived to the heat and all. I immediately met 2 guys from Seattle as well as we tried to figure out the bus system from the airport to the center of tourist town. I ain't gonna take no shuttle! So we got relatively close ... but still needed to take a taxi from where we arrived. Still between the 3 of us, A whole 3 dollars cheaper than the shuttle!

When I went looking for the things I forgot, a pen among other things, I found these in a 7-11 (which are everywhere and sadly the source of the cheapest water) Not really sure what they are but thought they were pretty interesting, especially the disposable part. Not really sure what that's all about. Did some bumming around and decide to wander a bit. I ran into a protest, which was interesting. I found out is was one party opposing the gathering of another party. I saw a royal procession, as the royal family left the Grand Palace. The police were upset I was intent on walking and eventually got me to stop. I finally understood what was going on, after the procession passed. Took a photo of the Grand Palace at night and some interesting street food that was offered.