Saturday, May 03, 2008

Vientiene, Laos

John, Eliza, and I set off from Vang Vieng together to Vientiene. We took a pick up if you can call it that. It was covered with benches on each side. We had about 10 people at the most in it at one point. I got to see a family eat bbq'd bat as well as some interesting things done with eggs, some sort of scramble but still within the egg shell. I couldn't figure that one out.
Just spent a night in Vientienne and was pretty low key there. I have been a bit tired so saw a couple of the sites, the most holy site in Laos and a market or 2, in search of the new flip flops. Ran into some others from Vang Vieng ... all of us feeling pretty exhausted. Also realizing I will miss Lao and especially the SA-BAI-DEE (hello) everyone says to each other.


Blogger jw said...

Since I was also in the back of the same pick up, I feel the need to correct the number of people occupying the truck. There were seven people on one side (little kid, dad, mom, Lao dude, Kyle, two Loa woman), six on the other (two falangs, Eliza, Me, two Lao ladies), three sitting on the tailgate (Lao girl, Lao dude, Lao girl), two hanging on the back (two Lao dudes), and (to weight down the front) three in the cab.


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