Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hillside Village Trek Outside Luang Prabang

I had a really awesome overnight experience with 2 couples from New Zealand, and a Canadian. We started the first day with a 6 hour trek up through several villages. The lower elevation villages are considered Lao people, the mid elevation Khmu people, and the high elevation Mung People. Lao has more than 150 different ethnic minorities and these are the most common. Each village style is a bit different including house construction, language, dress, and daily life. I took loads of photos of children, though most or some were naked. So in addition to feeling like a voyeur, I didn't want to feel like I am posting child porn as well. We spent the night in a large Mung, Khmer mixed village (this is happening with the modernization of Lao). It had 600 people in it, 2 communal showers, and no official toilet facilities. We stayed in the chief's house of the Khmer village.


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