Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back in Bangkok

So a pretty interesting day here in Bangkok. Started off the day in search of breakfast and ended up at a families house for breakfast. We proceeded to swap stories until they started to teach me how to play a bit of poker and then how easy it was to cheat at poker ... which of course turned into let's go to the casino after I have this woman come over and we can practice fleecing here. Needless to say I said thanks for the breaky but see ya later. I did get some good travel advice from them though and they were nice even after I refused to participate.
On my search for replacement flip flops and other things (which all went well by the way) I ran into this random concert with all these people dressed up and having thier photos taken. I joined in but felt a little weird about it. I had to post a couple to show. Lastly, ended up on a marathon walk that took me to several parts of the city. One apparently being the scrap street in Chinatown as well as a crazy market. All those scraps were being salvaged by the way. Lastly I walked into this quite large temple that was not on my map but thought the stone guard looked like something out of the Beattle's Lonely Heart Club Band.


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