Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to Palma Life

So there is a huge gap from the last time I have updated the Blog. I went to Jordan, Spain, Italy (including Sicily), back to the States to Seattle, Alaska (to visit my brother and new nephew), Chicago, London and now back here! Been a whirlwind of a couple months and I can't believe its almost the end of October.
It's great to be back in Palma. I have reconnected with some great friends and of course made some new ones. I haven't really been looking for day work which has allowed me some more time in the mountains, at the beach, and I have joined a yoga studio. I have really been enjoying myself!
As you can imagine after landing back in Palma I felt quite exhausted from moving around so much. I started to wonder if I was a bit done with travel (of course for the moment only). My mind became very active with the different possibilities of paths to walk down. Slowly I decided that being in the yachting industry was going to continue my wanderings and not let me feel any more grounded than I was. The same was true for the chef school in the spring, so both of those got knicked. Luckily one of my good mates here is actually a life coach, so she helped me organize my thoughts and get a big picture back. So after all of that I slowly narrowed my options more and more.
I found my crossing to the Caribbean on a 60 ft sailboat that leaves at the end of this month. I will be with 3 others and we plan to stop at Gibraltar and the Canaries. The boat is ending in St. Maarten, but does not need to be there until the end of the year. The job includes a flight back to Seattle and I should be home for Christmas, which I have not been in 2 years! I am quite excited about that.
One goal accomplished, but still what to do with that. While I was working on my resume and realizing the great and interesting projects I was involved with at my old job and that the fate was sending me back to Seattle I thought maybe I should check into that.
Long story short, it looks like I will be back to my old diggs starting sometime in January. I am really excited to move back and start somethings that traveling prohibits a bit.
And for your visual stimuli ... some amazing hikes I have been on here in Mallorca ...
(some explanation 1. at an amazing lamb restaraunt in the mountains, 2. Valledamossa, 3. beach hiked into from Port d' Andratx, 4. Isla Sa Dragonera off the NW coast, 5. the terranced town of Banyalbafur, 6. another veiw of Valledamossa, 7. Cala Mayor, a nice beach just outside of Palma, 8. the north coast of Mallorca.